If you took my advice and got yourself to Stranger Suggestions at Impro Studio this month, you might also want to check out X-Files: Unclassified, playing there every Friday night at 8:00 p.m. until October 27. In fact, wouldn’t October be the perfect month to geek out to something spooky? I understand that the truth is still “out there,” and maybe “there” is a small improv theatre in Los Feliz…

Only one way to find out!

Nicholas Daly Clark & Amanda Troop

Nicholas Daly Clark & Amanda Troop

X-Files: Unclassified is a completely improvised, one-hour performance in the style of The X-Files. Different actors play Special Agents Alaina Bailey and Kit Culver during every performance, as they solve mysteries and attempt to find the truth.

X-Files: Unclassified is directed by Rob Ullett and Jessica Lynn Verdi. The audience can expect to witness something different every time as the agents “work together to hunt down new monsters-of-the-week, uncover phenomena, and, ultimately, seek the truth– not only in the world, but in themselves. Sometimes funny, sometimes scary, always enjoyable.”

The ensemble includes Helen Allemano, Jeff Boswer, Alex Caan, Nicholas Daly Clark, Jill Marie Hoffman, Paul Hungerford, Scott Palmason, Aliza Pearl, Arlo Sanders, Amanda Troop, Rob Ullett and Jessica Lynn Verdi.

Tickets are $10 each. Learn more at facebook.com/xfilesimprov.

Leona Laurie

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