Tavern Talk Thursday: November TTRPG Kickstarters to Keep an Eye On

Tavern Talk Thursday: November TTRPG Kickstarters to Keep an Eye On

Welcome to Tavern Talk Thursday! We are expanding! What started as a column dedicated to chatting with members of the TTRPG community is growing to talk about all things TTRPG. We aim to continue sharing all the things we love about the community and all the content within. So, consider this a little peek into our favorite worlds and creators as we explore everything we love.

A new month is upon us, and we are back with another look at TTRPG Kickstarters fans should be supporting. As the TTRPG community expands, it is our duty to help support indie creators and companies. Spooky season may be over, and Mariah Carey is officially thawed, but we all know this season never ends for role-playing games. From creepy woodland creatures to the dark underground, we have something everyone will love.

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November TTRPG Kickstarters

Our Woodland Gods

Spooky monster from Our Woodland Gods.

Our first Kickstarter this month is Robert Turk’s Our Woodland Gods. This is a GMless TTRPG that puts everyone into a cult. But don’t worry – it’s a super adorable cult where you go fishing with your neighbors, party and roast marshmallows. So what if your god demands you to sacrifice someone every once in a while? It’s totally fine. But what happens when your Eldrich God dies? Get ready to enjoy this cozy horror.

Learn more about Our Woodland Gods here!

The Woods at Blight’s Hollow

A mysterious woman in a field from The Woods at Blight's Hollow.

Looking for something a bit spookier to explore? We have Sinister Beard Games’ The Woods at Blight’s Hollow. It’s a folk-horror TTRPG inspired by the works of Guillermo Del Toro, Angela Carter, The Brothers Grimm, Kirsty Logan, Mary Shelley, and so many more. The storyline follows the children of Blight’s Hollow and the mysterious woods surrounding it. It’s spooky, beautiful and something we are looking forward to exploring.

Learn more about The Woods at Blight’s Hollow can be found here!

The Underground: An Action Movie TTRPG

A group of superheroes in The Underground: An Action Movie TTRPG.

Our final TTRPG Kickstarter this week is Julian Koste’s The Underground: An Action Movie TTRPG. Influenced by action movies like Fast Furious, John Wick, Terminator, James Bond and many others. The game gives players total creative control of their characters and even promotes building them like their favorite action heroes. We all want to be a hero, and we can’t wait to see what everyone at our table brings to life.

Learn more about The Underground: An Action Movie TTRPG here.

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