Time is running out on NOS4A2. In “Chris McQueen,” the McQueen family pulls out all the stops to help Vic (Ashleigh Cummings) save Wayne (Jason David).

Charlie Manx (Zachary Quinto) and Wayne are heading to Christmasland. They hit a minor bump in the road with Bing Partridge (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson), but Charlie took care of him and left Bing for dead in the junkyard.

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Chris McQueen (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) wasn’t always a good father, but now Vic needs him more than ever. Chris had a strained relationship with his own father. He talked about it at his father’s funeral. Just like Chris, his father wasn’t always round and drank a lot. Chris is sober now, but he spent a lot of years neglecting Vic. Now that she and his grandson need him, Chris is there. 

Ashleigh Cummings as Vic McQueem Jonathan Langdon as Lou Carmody, Ebon Moss-Bachrach as Chris McQueen-NOS4A2_Season 2, Episode 8-Photo credit:AMC

Chris and Lou (Jonathan Langdon) fix Vic’s motorcycle and get ready to go to the junkyard. After Lou’s heart attack, Vic asks him to stay behind. Linda (Virginia Kull) has her doubts about the whole supernatural side of things, but changes her mind when she sees Vic’s bridge. 

Vic immediately finds Wayne’s cell phone in the junkyard. And then she hears someone grunting. It’s Bing, and he’s still alive. She asks Bing where Manx and Wayne are, but he doesn’t answer. Chris starts beating up on Bing and Vic tries to stop him. Chris beats Bing unconscious, so Vic calls Tabitha (Ashley Romans). 

Bing is taken to the hospital and immediately into surgery. Once he is stable, the police transfer him to the jail. That’s when Tabitha calls Vic. Bing won’t talk, so they have no information about Wayne’s location. She keeps trying, though. Bing says he wishes he never met Charlie Manx, because then he’d still be friends with Vic McQueen. Tabitha makes a deal with Bing. He talks and she will ask Vic to see him.

Tabitha interrogates Bing Partridge in NOS4A2

Ashley Romans as Tabitha Hutter-NOS4A2_Season 2, Episode 8-Photo Credit: AMC

Tabitha gets Bing to admit to multiple crimes, including kidnapping Wayne. He refuses to tell her where Wayne is until he talks to Vic alone. The family doesn’t like it, but Vic can handle Bing. Lou says it’s Vic’s decision and she agrees.

Bing apologizes for his part in Wayne’s kidnapping and asks for Vic’s forgiveness. He doesn’t have any friends now. He apologizes for every bad thing he’s ever done. Vic asks how to find Wayne while holding his hand. Bing tells her that each child must hang an ornament on the trees at the Sleigh House. And they have to get out of the car to do it. It’s the last stop before Christmasland. Vic gets up to leave and Bing asks for her forgiveness again. She looks at him and leaves without saying anything else. 

Vic finds her entire family and Maggie (Jahkara Smith) waiting for her when she gets out of the interrogation room. She walks to Maggie and asks for her tiles. Meanwhile Tabitha’s superiors praise her for getting a full confession from Bing. They believe Wayne is dead and buried in the junkyard. They tell Tabitha to coordinate with the local officials to start a search for the body and give her badge back to her. 

Vic and Maggie go to Tabitha’s car to ask the tiles if Wayne has already hung his ornament. Tabitha leaves the station and sees them in the car. She knows Maggie is using her tiles and waits. Vic gets out of the car and lets Tabitha know that Wayne hasn’t hung his ornament yet. Now they have to beat the Wraith to the Sleigh House to stop Wayne from doing so. Tabitha says she will keep the FBI out of the way.

Tabitha makes a difficult decision for her and Maggie on NOS4A2

Jahkara J. Smith as Maggie Leigh, Ashley Romans as Tabitha Hutter- NOS4A2_Season 2,Episode 8-Photo Credit:amc

When Tabitha gets into the car, she tells Maggie that it’s over between them. Despite the fact that she loves Maggie, she wants to live in the real world. Maggie would be bored in a normal life and Tabitha wants her to be happy. Maggie says OK. Tabitha offers to take her to the airport to help Vic. 

Chris and Linda do not like Vic’s plan to face Manx alone. Lou and Maggie are going with her to Colorado, but that’s not enough. This whole time Vic blames Chris for losing time to save Wayne. He agrees beating up Bing wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but he wants to go with her. It comes down to the explosives. Only Chris knows how to set the timers, so Vic agrees to take him with her.

They beat Manx to the Sleigh House and start burying the explosives. Chris apologizes again for beating up Bing and costing them time. Chris asks Vic to stop being mad at him. She says it’s easier to be mad at him, indicating that she blames herself for Charlie taking Wayne. He assures her that none of it is her fault. 

Vic wants to forgive Chris for everything he did wrong. Because if she can’t, then Wayne can’t forgive her for everything she did wrong. But if she forgives Chris, then she’s letting herself off the hook for screwing up, becoming a drunk and failing to protect Wayne. She doesn’t think she deserves forgiveness. 


Ashleigh Cummings as Vic McQueen- NOS4A2_Season2, Episode 8-Photo Credit:AMC

Lou and Maggie arrive, and they go to look at the ornaments. They come up with a plan to grab Wayne. Vic hears Christmas music and leaves to look around. Lou tells Maggie that he likes being Wayne’s dad. Maggie says he will be. She starts to wonder if they can get the other kids back, too.

Vic follows the music and hears Millie Manx (Mattea Conforti) answer her. They are both at the veil between Christmasland and the real world. Millie can see Vic, but Vic can’t see her. Millie wants to know if Vic plans to kill her father. If he dies, all of the kids in Christmasland die too. And Millie doesn’t want to die. She wants to grow up and see the world. 

Millie asks Vic to get her out of Christmasland, but Vic doesn’t know how. Millie says she will show her a secret that no one knows about, not even Charlie. But Vic has to promise to get Millie out. Millie throws a snowball at Vic. The snowball disappears when it reaches Vic. Millie tells her to hurry and Vic runs back to Lou and Maggie.

Maggie asked her tiles if there is a way to save all of the children in Christmasland. The tiles answer, “when souls fall.” Vic returns, saying Manx is on his way. Lou promises that Wayne will never see the inside of Christmasland. He will grab Wayne while Vic takes care of Manx. 

Vic McQueen has one last shot to save Wayne on NOS4A2

Ashleigh Cummings as Vic McQueen-NOS4A2_Season 2, Episode 8- Photo Credit: AMC

Later that night, Vic and Chris wait along the side of the road for signs of the Wraith. Chris tells her to forgive herself. If she doesn’t let herself off the hook, she will hang there for the rest of her life. Vic doesn’t say anything because the Wraith arrives. 

Charlie lets Wayne out of the car to hang his bat ornament. Wayne’s transformation is almost complete. He runs into the trees and the Wraith starts honking. Charlie doesn’t like that and tells Wayne to hurry. He hears a motorcycle and gets in the Wraith to face Vic McQueen.

Maggie sees Wayne skipping through the trees and humming Silent Night. He hangs his ornament and Maggie approaches him. Wayne growls at her and then runs away laughing. Maggie loses Wayne, but Lou soons finds him. Wayne remembers Lou and hugs him. 

Vic sits on her motorcycle waiting for Charlie. Chris is hiding on the side of the road, ready to set off the explosives. Charlie drives toward Vic and Chris sets off the first explosive. Wayne hears the explosion. He bites Lou and runs away.

The first explosive misses Charlie. Then the second misses, too. Vic’s bike shuts off, and the third explosive misses Charlie. Charlie is close and speeds up to hit Vic. Chris runs out to push Vic out of the way and Charlie runs over Chris. Vic is trapped under her bike and can’t get to Chris.

Charlie gets out of the car. Wayne runs up to him and jumps back in the car. Charlie takes a hold of Chris and tells him how disappointing he is as a father. He looks at Vic and laughs. Charlie kills Chris and walks away. 

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