Stephen King is keeping quite busy these days. It Chapter 2 just hit theaters, his new novel The Institute is getting great reviews and now, just in time for Halloween, fans have another movie to look forward to. God, I love Stephen King. Warner Bros. released the final trailer for the highly anticipated sequel to The Shining, Doctor Sleep.

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Based on the 2013 novel of the same name, Doctor Sleep follows an adult Danny Torrance (Ewan McGregor) and young Abra (Kyliegh Curran), a teenager that shares a similar psychic abilities as Danny. This dream team (see what I did there?) team up to stand against a group of psychic villains. The new trailer really highlights these villains as a malicious force that seems to make a game out of hunting people with “The Shining”.

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The trailer also provides some iconic shots from The Shining as Danny returns to the now infamous Overlook Hotel. Among the shots of eerie twin girls and elevators filled with blood, viewers are left with the impression that this time around the Overlook will act as a place or salvation or a potential battleground against these new foes. 

Mark your calendars and check out the trailer below!

Struggling with alcoholism, Dan Torrance remains traumatized by the sinister events that occurred at the Overlook Hotel when he was a child. His hope for a peaceful existence soon becomes shattered when he meets Abra, a teen who shares his extrasensory gift of the “shine.” Together, they form an unlikely alliance to battle the True Knot, a cult whose members try to feed off the shine of innocents to become immortal.

Catch Doctor Sleep in theaters on November 8th!