With a history spanning more than 100 years, Nintendo has a wealth of properties just waiting for parody artists to do their thing. Across the internet, there are fan-made animations and artwork galore, but my favorite projects are the parody songs. I grew up listening to Weird Al‘s parodies, so it’s not a surprise that I’m still obsessed with parody bands now. These are my top seven favorite Nintendo parody songs on YouTube. 

Bowsette by The Chalkeaters

This is the newest song on our list, but it has earned its place with over four million streams at the writing of this article. The character Bowsette took the internet by storm a few years ago when Nintendo introduced the idea of Princess Peach’s crown being an item that can yassify whatever puts it on. This song by The Chalkeaters combines this concept into an infectiously catchy mix of a pop ballad and rap battle over an animation that includes entries from 23 separate animators. 

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SMASH! by Starbomb

Our next parody smash-hit is based on Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. series. It is a collaborative project from the band Starbomb, formed by the members of Game Grumps, and features a cameo from Markiplier as the announcer. This song features Luigi as he questions his part in the Super Smash Bros. tournament and his friends’ willingness to beat the coins out of each other for sport. Starbomb has several amazing parody songs, so be sure to listen to the others. 

Legend of Zelda Rap by SMOSH

My fellow millennial nerds will recognize this iconic SMOSH video before you even hit play (and you probably remember more of it than you think). This rap battle between Link and Gannon features a lyrical bridge from Princess Zelda herself. The video is older and based on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, so you might not understand all the references if you aren’t familiar with that game. 

I’m the Boss by Big Bad Bosses (B3)

This entry is not exclusively a Nintendo parody song, but with verses from both Gannon and Bowser, we think it counts. Big Bad Bosses is a fictional animated band comprising some of video gaming’s baddest bosses, like Robotnik, Sephiroth, Gannon and Bowser. This is the band’s introduction video, and while it is a banger, the project was, unfortunately, shorter-lived than fans hoped it would be. 

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Luigi’s Mansion WITH LYRICS by Brentalfloss

While the soundtrack for Luigi’s Mansion is perfectly suited for the game, it isn’t very varied. It’s only made up of one song that plays the entire game. This parody plays on that and some of the other conveniently hilarious plot details from the game over the familiar tune. I caught myself singing this during my The Super Mario Bros. Movie viewing when Luigi touches down in the dark lands. 

Waluigi VS Smash Bros. Rap Battle Trilogy by Mashed

The internet loves a good underdog story, even a villain’s story. One of the biggest memes on the Nintendo chatrooms is the lack of Waluigi in Super Smash Bros., but no more. This entry is technically three songs put together, but the journey is worth the payoff. 

Make A ‘Mon Out Of You by Esquirebob

You get two parodies for one with this song as it’s a Pokémon-themed cover of the Mulan song, “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” Ignore the imposter in the video but enjoy all of the hidden references throughout the video that span multiple generations and games. Can you spot them all?

Did we miss your favorite parody bop on this list, or did we introduce you to a new earworm? Comment below to tell us what you are listening to!

This article was originally published in April 2023. 

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