Gather ’round, Stranger Things fans, and let me tell you yet another bizarre story to take place in Hawkins, Indiana. It’s a tame tale compared to other events that have happened here, but a strange one nonetheless. On a sleepy summer evening in 1985, several transport vehicles pulled out of the loading docks of Nike HQ in Beaverton, Oregon, to deliver product shipments to multiple locations along the US. Nothing special, right?

Things seemed to be fine until Nike began receiving word that a few of the shipments never made it to their destination. These transport vehicles all had one thing in common: they were all last seen on on surveillance footage passing through Hawkins, Indiana. Nike never reported these missing shipments. Why? Perhaps it was because of frustration. Or fear. Either way, time is proving that this was the right thing to do as it appears something supernatural was at play here. Now, 34 years later, signs of these missing shipments are slowly but surely popping up, item by item and with them something peculiar is coming out of the woodwork. And it’s deeper, darker and more evil than anyone could’ve ever imagined.

That’s right! Nike and Netflix have teamed up to bring Stranger Things fans some new, totally tubular footwear just in time for the summer. These shoes come in a variety of Nike’s iconic styles including the Cortez, Blazer and Air Tailwind ‘79. They were originally intended for the Hawkins High Athletic Dept so they don some green and orange combos with Hawkins High logos. Go Tigers! 

Each shoe comes complete with original-inspired Nike packaging and special edition pins. Stylish and comfortable they are the perfect shoes wear when babysitting, riding your bike, walking through the mall or defending your town from monsters. You know, typical summer activities. The Hawkins High collection will be available for purchase on June 27th! And following that, on July 1st, Nike will release more Stranger Things inspired footwear called The OG Collection

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Fallon Marie Gannon