The end has come for Nightflyers. According to THR, the George R.R. Martin adaptation will not be getting a second season over at SyFy. The high cost co-production with Netflix just couldn’t get it’s wings off the ground.

There’s no clear reason why the show was cancelled but money seems to be the biggest factor. In fact, it was the biggest budget series that NBCUniversal had in production. That’s a lot of money. Additionally one of the main leads on the show, Gretchen Mol, took on a leading role in a pilot series, so she would’ve been unavailable to shoot. Seeing as how she left for a pilot, there must have been rumblings behind closed doors in regards to the future of the series. It’s also likely that viewer numbers just weren’t matching what production had to spend.

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While it’s a major shame that another sci-fi series has to be cancelled, it seems SyFy wasn’t able to advertise it properly. After the initial release, I didn’t hear anything about the show. It didn’t seem like anyone was watching it and getting excited for it. That being said, there seem to be a lot of factors into the cancellation. The premise seemed interesting enough but alas, it was not meant to be. It also proves that you can’t sell a show on a name alone. Sorry, George!

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Erin Lynch