It’s official and the Arrowverse is doomed…maybe.  The next CW Crossover will be Crisis on Infinite Earths. What does this mean for the Arrowverse?  Well, first we must take a brief look at what happened in the DC comic series.

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Comic Book Come to Life

LaMonica Garrett as Mar Novu/The Monitor — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

So, we met Mar Novu, the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) in this year’s crossover.  At first he appeared to be a villain by giving the Book of Destiny to Dr. John Deegan (Jeremy Davies) to alter reality.  But then we found out Novu was testing the Earth 1 heroes for the destined Crisis of Infinite Earths.  This part of the show is found in the comic book series as well…if that any indication of what’s to come. 

Mar Novu first appeared in the DC comic books in 1982.  Like in the show, he was testing superheroes for the impending doom that was on it’s way. That doom in the comics is the Anti-Monitor, Mar Novu’s evil doppelganger.  The Anti-Monitor wanted to basically wipe out the multiverse.  Novu wanted to build an army of superheroes to fight back against Anti-Monitor.  He also planned to combine the multiverse into one single universe.  His plan works, the Anti-Monitor is stopped, but Novu dies in the end as well.  


So what does this mean for our Arrowverse family? Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl still have about 12-13 more episodes to go in the current season.  So this early announcement leads me to believe that we will see some changes before the season is over.  

Melissa Benoist as Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Stephen Amell as Barry Allen/The Flash, and Grant Gustin as Oliver Queen/The Green Arrow — Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW — © 2018 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

As for who will return for the next crossover,  I assume the Flash (Grant Gustin), the Green Arrow (Stephen Amell), Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and their cohorts will be included as always.  I hope to see the return of the zany folks on Legends of Tomorrow and the inclusion of Batwoman (Ruby Rose).  Maybe we will see other versions of these heroes?  Then there’s Black Lightning. Fans have been demanding that Black Lightning be included in the Arrowverse Crossovers. If the Earths are merged into one, will we finally see him included?

There is already talk of a time jump, mainly because of The Flash.  The Flash disappears in the Crisis in the year 2024, according the the headline that we’ve seen multiple times in the show.  That’s six years into the future.  Could we have already seen this new reality in the future time jumps featured on Arrow

Speaking of Arrow, the introduction of Psycho Pirate, the man in the gold mask, is also significant.  I’m expecting the Green Arrow to have more interaction with Batwoman as well.  And hopefully we’ll find out sooner than later what kind of deal Green Arrow made with Novu.  Fans of all of the shows will definitely be watching closely for any clues. 

The Flash returns with new episodes on January 15th; Supergirl will return on January 20th; and Arrow returns the following night on January 21st, followed by a new episode of Black Lightning on The CW. Legends of Tomorrow will return with new episodes sometime in April of 2019.






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