Batwoman returns to the CW and some things have changed.  For starters, Kate Kane(Ruby Rose) finally cut ties with her twin sister Alice (Rachel Skarsten).  Let’s back up a little…


After the Crisis, Kate got a bittersweet treat.  Her sister Beth reappeared, but this Beth was from another Earth that merged into Earth Prime.  So there ended up being two Beths on Earth Prime and the universe didn’t like it. There can be only one Beth, meaning the other had to die. Both Beth’s were hit with some kind of illness that only Mary (Nicole Kang) could cure.  Once cured, the other Beth would die and they left it up to Kate to decide which sister to save.  She chose the new Beth…the sane Beth…the Beth that she wished she had to begin with.  Unfortunately that Beth died.  August Cartwright (John Emmet Tracy), Mouse’s (Sam Littlefield) father thought it was Alice.

Alice wasn’t too happy that Kate chose the other Beth, but she was able to look past it.  Alice and Kate teamed up to find Cartwright and also found out how Alice became Alice. Not only was she tormented from being kidnapped, but she also had to deal with the evil Queen, Cartwright’s mother. She abused and belittled Alice for years.  She found out the Queen wanted her son to make her young again using the same technique he used to cover up Mouse’s scars.  The Queen wanted to be beautiful again and chose the beautiful face of Kate and Beth’s mother Gabi.  I’m pretty sure Cartwright caused the crash that killed Gabi because Beth found Gabi’s head in a freezer.  She killed The Queen as an act of vengeance.  And Kate killed Cartwright for the same reason.  


Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) was exonerated and went right back to work. He fired Sophie (Meagan Tandy) from the Crows for fraternizing with Batwoman.  He also helped Kate find Alice when Cartwright took her hostage again.  Kate and Jacob worked together to trick Alice into trusting Kate.  Kate offered to help Alice break Mouse out of Arkham.  They found Mouse and Kate locked Alice in the cell with him.  

Sophie and Batwoman almost had a fling after she and her husband split up.  She still doesn’t know that it’s Kate.  THEN! Someone tried to kill Sophie, but Kate’s other ex,Julia Pennyworth (Christina Wolfe) saved her.  Mary let Kate know…in a very subtle way…that she knows Kate is Batwoman. And Luke (Camrus Johnson) faced his father’s killer at his parole hearing.  Only to find out that there are extenuating circumstance behind his father’s death. So that’s where we are now…


Gotham City finds itself at the mercy of a bomber after Kate decided to give up being Batwoman. The bomber may not be Alice, but she is far from out of the picture. Paul Wesley of The Vampire Diaries fame directed this episode.  Watch the promo below. 

Synopsis: Batwoman encounters a new challenge when an old villain resurfaces, testing the heroics of Gotham’s most stand-up citizens. Alice’s limits are tested.

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