The anticipation for the new Wonder Woman film is at an all time high. Now we have more images to keep the excitement up! A new Hong Kong poster and banner have been shared and they’re amazing.

In the international poster we see Wonder Woman at the center as she leads her armies. One side is her home, the Themyscirans with Queen Hippolyta and General Antiope. You can see the beauty of Themyscira with their incredible army. The other side, Steve Trevor with a smoke covered battle field, her ally in the war. Diana will be coming from a place of training and beauty only to be thrust into the ugly world of war. It’s unfortunate that the poster doesn’t highlight the other characters on the mortal side but it’s still a great poster.

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The banner isn’t as moving as the poster but we do get to see her in a powerful gaze, clutching her shield. Honestly, we’ll take all the promotion we can get. Promotion has been relatively sparse compared to other films but luckily this marks our 8th poster. Press is also currently on a review embargo so fingers crossed this is the movie we’re all hoping for.

What do you think of the poster and banner below? Let us know! Wonder Woman is out June 2nd.


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