Jared Padalecki is trading in Baby for a Stetson. The Supernatural star shared a new teaser for The CW’s Walker on his Twitter account Monday. It reveals troubled waters ahead for Cordell Walker. 

Walker is a reboot of the Chuck Norris vehicle Walker, Texas Ranger; the latter of which ran from 1993 to 2001. This version will focus on Cordell Walker (Padalecki) as he returns to Austin two years after his wife passes. He attempts to reconnect with his kids and “navigate clashes within his family.” And, being a ranger, he has a new partner to contend with. 

In the teaser below, Cordell expresses doubts regarding his wife’s death. “Some things don’t add up!” he exclaims in the teaser as Keegan Allen‘s Liam Walker urges him to move on. We see flashbacks of Cordell’s wife Emily, who’s portrayed by none other than Padalecki’s real-life spouse Genevieve Padalecki. How quaint!

Additionally, Walker is reminded in the teaser that Emily’s death wasn’t his fault. Cordell’s reluctance to accept her passing hints at a potential conspiracy at hand. There’s not a ton of action, but then again it’s a 20-second teaser. 

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As much as I’m a fan of westerns, I wasn’t an avid Walker, Texas Ranger watcher when the show was initially on the air. I like Jared, but I don’t think this is my cup of tea. However, I’m overjoyed to see him hopping back on the workhorse so soon after Supernatural

You can check out the teaser below. Walker stars Jared Padalecki, Keegan Allen, Lindsey MorganCoby Bell and Odette AnnableWalker will giddy on up Thursday, January 21, only on The CW. 

Will you be tuning in next month when Walker premieres on The CW? Sound off in the comments below!



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