~Matt Key

Released earlier today on Marvel Entertainment’s Youtube page is our very first new bit of news for Jessica Jones: a release date!


That’s right. November 20th, 2015 is when we can expect to see Netflix’s next big Marvel Series, Jessica Jones.

Other than that, we really don’t get too much. It’s more of a video that establishes the tone of the series, giving us some suggestive images more about giving us the tone than any actual scenes. We start in suburbia, where Jessica Jones grew up, then move in to an Alias Investigations office where a dude is thrown through the glass and then, finally, end up on the mean streets of inner city New York in a tableau reminiscent of the original Daredevil artwork.

Finally, it ends with the phrase, “It’s time the world knew her name.”

Yes. Yes it is.

Starring Krysten Ritter in the titular role of Jessica Jones and co-starring Mike Colter as Luke Cage and David Tennant as Kilgrave, a.k.a. The Purple Man, November 20th suddenly became a date way too far away.

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