In development for around five years now, the Fallout: New Vegas mod called Fallout: The Frontier has just launched to international audiences. Unofficial and free to play provided you own the base game, this mod is one of the most ambitious in gaming history. With a map around the size of the New Vegas original and thousands of lines of dialogue, The Frontier is exactly what Fallout fans have been craving. It may not be a new official game, but after Fallout 76, perhaps that’s for the best.

This game is interesting in many ways, the key which we want to look at today is a component shared with another popular line of games – bingo slots. This component is a reliance on variety to keep players interested. In the modern digital world, online bingo slots cover an enormous range of titles like Regal Beasts, Rick and Morty, and Galactic Girls. It’s this, built on top of an already engaging system, which has given them longevity. It’s also this idea, through different paths, that The Frontier holds as paramount.

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The Bingo Slot Approach

Bingo slot games embrace variety through the choice available in all of the different games on offer. As a base, each one of these games is quite simple individually, but this simplicity doesn’t imply a lack of creativity or long-lasting game potential. Like other casino games, the fun comes because of the random chance factors, boosted by looks, design, and the constant potential for bonuses.

The variety of a wide selection of other games in addition to this acts as the cherry on top. While not everyone will necessarily be interested in moving around to see all the different titles, the sheer choice acts as a constantly welcome extension. In other words, it takes what is already a long-lasting form of interactive entertainment, and raises it to an entirely new level.

Fallout’s New Frontier

With the new mod for Fallout, variety is still profound, though on a different part of the spectrum. As a large open RPG, the Fallout games have always succeeded not through having many titles as bingo slots do, but through the different playstyles which accompany each release. Fallout 2 and New Vegas are often regarded as the best examples of this in action, which is exactly what The Frontier aims to capture.

In one playthrough, you might want to engage as a genius gunslinging monster, somebody who looks out only for themselves and will manipulate anyone to achieve their goals. In the next, you could instead play like an idiot with a baseball bat and a heart of gold. The choice is inside the game rather than outside, but the result is a much longer lifespan of what could otherwise be a short-lived experience. Of course, New Vegas was released in 2010, so even this game will tire players eventually. This is where The Frontier comes in, as an entirely new story to explore.

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As both bingo slots and The Frontier mod show, embracing variety to add lifespan to your game is all about working within your boundaries. Both find considerable lifespans by spreading out as much as possible, even though the roads they take are very different. It’s about understanding context and what the players want, and this is an idea that can fall short when not fully understood.