We’ve known for a few weeks now that Fox’s first X-Men related television series, Legion, would premiere sometime in February on FX. However, today brings us the actual release date — 10 PM on Wednesday, February 8th.

Along with this announcement, we got a brand new trailer that gives us, for the first time, a better sense of what’s actually going on in this series. We know that Dan Stevens is playing the lead role of David Haller, the troubled, schizophrenic son of Professor Charles Xavier, though it’s uncertain if that heredity will carry over into this series. Other than that, however, not much is really known.

In this trailer, we can see that the character of David Haller has been “lied to” his entire life and that he is, in fact, not really sick. In fact, there’s a division of the U.S. government that was formed to track more evolved humans (Mutants, or Homo Superior, in the comics) and the ones they can’t work with, they kill. Or, in this case, they convince them that they are sick and medicate the hell out of them.

From what we can tell in this trailer, it appears that Mr. Haller is somehow freed from his psychiatric prison and brought to a woman, played by Jean Smart, who tells him that it’s all been a lie and he’s more powerful than he knows.

We also see Aubrey Plaza’s character, Lenny, dogging on Haller — “all good in the head now??” as well as an impressive display of powers from Haller when he waltzes unharmed through a firefight and throws a rock with telekinesis.

Finally, in the end, as Haller gets an MRI, the physician comments that Haller has an extremely large “amygdala,” which Haller takes as a compliment.

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