The trailer for director Taika Waititi’s latest movie hit the internet, and is already gaining attention and sparking debate. Jojo Rabbit follows ten-year-old Jojo (Roman Griffin Davies), a young boy in Nazi Germany. Jojo grapples with the rampant hateful propaganda surrounding him, and whose only close companion appears to be that of an imaginary Hitler, played by none other than Waititi himself.

Jojo’s naive patriotism is also brought into question when he discovers a young Jewish girl living in the walls of his house, who has been hidden by his mother (Scarlett Johansson). Such a meeting between two supposed enemies forces Jojo to reevaluate his beliefs and change his worldview.

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From the trailer alone this satirical family film already appears loaded with Waititi’s trademark bonkers humour, as seen in the likes of 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. It’s also loaded with an A-list cast, with Rebel Wilson, Alfie Allen and Stephen Merchant, making appearances. 

In these turbulant political times, it’ll be interesting to see the framing in which the film approaches such an ideology as Nazism, when a great number of films only ever represent such a tragic era through sombre historically-accurate dramas. However, Jojo Rabbit already appears to be taking the tone of a cuss-word lite Inglorious Basterds, with its outlandish action pieces and witty remarks. 

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The poster for the film itself already labels it as ‘An Anti-Hate Satire’, and the trailer hilariously mocks the stupidity of the Nazis’ tactics.  It’s clear from the off that this is not a movie that intends to sympathise with Nazi children such as Jojo, especially when taking into consideration Waititi is Jewish himself; but rather commentate on how harmful propaganda from adults can blind the youth, and how they also have opportunities to combat against it. 

Jojo Rabbit hits cinemas October 18th. Watch the full trailer below. 



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