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Before the big game even started, Marvel released their newest trailer for Captain America: Civil War. It was a great way to kick off Super Sunday!

And the only real problem with it was that it was only a minute long.

So what new information did we get from the trailer? What new tidbits do we have to keep us all occupied with weeks over nerdy over-analysis until the film’s release in May?

The biggest thing was seeing the full team line up at the end! Seeing Ant-Man along with Scarlet Witch, Winter Soldier, Hawkeye, Falcon and Cap is enough to elicit some cheers from first time watchers. But then we see Iron Man’s side and see that he’s got Vision with him, along with Black Widow, War Machine and, of course, Black Panther. It’s really the first time we’ve seen the two teams in full.

Perhaps one of the coolest bits was seeing the tech that Tony had with him so that he could very quickly put one of his gauntlets on just in time, as Bucky took a shot at him. It would seem, very much, that Bucky very much had the inclination to actually kill Tony Stark — he would not have pulled the trigger otherwise. This of course begs the question of why? Our immediate suspicion is that it’s out of self-defense, like Stark is there to bring him in, but perhaps it’s an actual assassination attempt. After all, the comic series of the same name ended with an assassination.

Of course, in the comics, the assassin was being mind-controlled the whole time, so perhaps we’ve also got that same situation here, though it’s more than likely Bucky acting of his own volition to keep Steve and his friends all safe from the Sokovia Accords.

Apart from that, we don’t really see much new action apart from what we’ve already seen, but we do get to see Bucky in some sort of stasis chamber. And we hear Tony reprimand someone, telling them they chose the wrong side. Who is it though?

Finally, two things we’re still eager to see are Spider-Man and Giant Man, neither one of which we saw the slightest glimpse in this trailer.

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