Logan hit theatres in March and very quickly caught on with critics and audiences alike. One of the elements about that film that stuck out to most was the lower stakes of the characters who weren’t trying to save the world, just each other. Logan (Hugh Jackman) wasn’t concerned with stopping some miscellaneous evil space portal or some scheme for world domination — it was all about saving the little girl, Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen), who turned out to be his clone.

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Director James Mangold used the template of a Western in his approach to telling the story and, as such, we get the visuals of beautiful sweeping vistas juxtaposed with smaller, more intimate looks at the characters. The story featured an unwilling hero called to action, sacrifice and plenty of gritty, visceral action. As such, the film looks great in black and white, which is exactly why Fox Studios is releasing a completely monochromatic cut of the film as a special feature on the Blu-Ray.

Mangold tweeted out a trailer for Logan Noir, which you can watch embedded below.

Also, as we reported on earlier, there is a one-night only theatrical release of the film in black and white, so check your local theatre listings!

H/T: Collider

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