~Matt Key

Get ready world. Buckle up.

The madness hits tomorrow, as announced today by this teaser for the Deadpool trailer that hits tomorrow.

As teasers go, this is dead on perfect in tone and feel for what we are all hoping to get from the Deadpool movie. Perhaps the best joke in it is making fun of Fox, the very studio releasing this movie, for having sewn Deadpool’s mouth shut the first time around. Ryan Reynolds has been on a crusade to get that gigantic mistake fixed for years and this trailer very much proves he’s getting that chance.

In fact, the very fact that everything we’ve seen from this campaign has unabashedly embraced its “R” rating proves just how on the right track they are.

This particular teaser trailer was first seen at San Diego Comic Con, announcing the arrival of the cast to stage and such. The only real difference with this one is that they use it to announce the trailer, so the voice over was changed ever so slightly. Otherwise, this is exactly the same teaser that the SDCC crowd was treated to.

Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson, T.J. Miller as Weasel and Morena Baccarin as Vanessa Carlyle.

The film will be released Valentine’s Day weekend of 2016.

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