During a presentation this morning with Nintendo and Super Smash Bros Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai, we learned about the next upcoming hero to the franchise. Now fans have been waiting to hear this news, and I don’t know if they are too excited with what they got. The newest hero is Byleth, the main character from the Fire Emblem: Three Houses franchise. Players will be able to play as either the male or female version and use weapons from the series.

With their addition, the game will also receive a new stage in the form of Garreg Mach Monastery, a main setting within the Fire Emblem: Three Houses world. Byleth will be the fifth downloadable character to the popular crossover fighting game. They are the final fighter in the current fighter’s pass alongside Joker from Persona 5, Hero from Dragon Quest, the bear and bird heros from Banjo and Kazooie, as well as Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury. The pass costs players $25 or can buy Byleth separately for just $6.

Nintendo has also announced that they also plan to release six new characters to Super Smash Bros Ultimate this upcoming year. The new pass will go up in price to $30, but the individual price for the fighters will still remain at $6. The new fighter pass for Super Smash Bros Ultimate and Byleth will be available on January 28, 2020 for the Nintendo Switch and can be found on their site.

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