There are many things that come to mind when you say Star Wars. There’s Darth Vader, space battles, heroes saving the day. What binds all these things together? Besides the name of the franchise it’s a part of, it’s The Force. A metaphysical power that is created by living beings and creates all living beings. It’s a bit to wrap your head around. So just how important is it?

In a video from the Star Wars Kids’ YouTube channel, one brave team set about counting every time “The Force” is mentioned. That includes the anthology film Rogue One since apparently Solo: A Star Wars Story doesn’t mention it once. Now as you can image, it’s said quite a bit. In fact it’s mentioned over 40 times in the prequel trilogy alone. The almost three minute video doesn’t only count the mentions, it shows them. So it’s fun to watch the super-cut of every mention, if not a little bit maddening to hear the same words being said over and over.

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While the number is, of course, large, it’s interesting to see just how often it’s said. Not only that, but the film with the highest mentions of “The Force” may surprise you a bit. It’s Rogue One! With 46 mentions of the energy force field that Jedi and Sith alike use. Crazy! After thinking about it for a moment, it makes sense when you remember “I am one with The Force and The Force is with me” is said many times by our favorite blind monk Chirrut. Double the force, double the numbers!

Check out the video below to see just how many times it’s mentioned. Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Star Wars fun. 



Erin Lynch