If you’re looking for empowerment, look no further.  A new trailer for Jessica Jones season two was released Tuesday, and she’s not messing around.  This season is all about making her own way. 

As the trailer opens, Jones (Krysten Ritter) says “I’ll start from the beginning.”  And, that seems to be the case for season two as well.  Jones has fought off her nemesis, she’s moved forward from The Defenders, and now she’s dealing with what made her what she is.    

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The first trailer released for season two in the beginning of February was much more haunting and introspective.  This trailer is all-out conquering!  She’s fighting back.  She’s moving forward, right through anyone who gets in the way.  And, all of the fight that she still has in her will push her right into becoming a hero on her own merits.  This is the season where she decides to “do something about it” and that something is smash.  Smash ’em all.  We. Can’t. Wait! 

Jessica Jones is a hard-drinking, short-fuse, mess of a woman who is just trying to make a living as a Private Investigator in New York City. She’s super strong but is haunted by a dark past that keeps her from truly becoming a hero.

Jessica Jones will start streaming on Netflix March 8th.



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