Star Wars is known for having a very active presence outside of theaters, with their TV shows and website. In recent years, The Star Wars Show has gained much popularity on the Star Wars Youtube channel bringing weekly news, updates, interviews, and special tidbits to fans everywhere. This week, a new show premiered that marries two favorite things of mine, Star Wars and real science!

The newest series on the channel is called Science and Star Wars, which tells you immediately that things are going to get pretty interesting right away. One of the hosts of The Star Wars Show, Anthony Carboni, hosts this 10-episode show that will take a look at just how technology has come close and been inspired by tech in Star Wars.

In an interview on, executive producer of the series Mickey Capoferri had this to say on why they chose to look at real-life science’s relation to Star Wars. “Over the last 40 years, many scientists, by their own admission, have been influenced by Star Wars […] It has made them want to get into these fields and advance technology out of pure curiosity, and probably a feeling that, ‘Hey, this can be real. We aren’t far off.”

To see some of the minds behind Star Wars and actual scientists coming together on this series will be a major treat! It’s a serious look at how technology and science from both the real world and the world of Star Wars has inspired each other and just what can be made from a galaxy far, far away with what we do have access to at this point in time.

The first episode of Science and Star Wars aired on September 21st and went straight to one of the most recognizable items from Star Wars, the lightsaber. Host Anthony Carboni and voice actor for Star Wars Rebels Taylor Gray (voice of Ezra Bridger) undertook the task of creating a real-life lightsaber.

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Since kyber crystals and other materials used in the construction of lightsabers don’t exactly exist, the two employed a plasma blade. Using the plasma blade, Taylor Gray cuts through a 100 pound double-paned steel fire door; similar to how Jedi in the films and shows cut through blaster doors aboard ships

Seeing the closest thing to a working lightsaber cut through a steel door was pretty awesome and sparks some serious excitement for the rest of the series!