Wonder Woman 1984 just started filming last week and we already know a little bit about the film. Such as Steve Trevor’s return and Cheetah being the villain of the film. However, we still don’t know anything about star Pedro Pascal‘s role in the film. But according to an “insider”, his role is rather godly. Just a warning, every rumor should be taken with a huge grain of salt so we cannot assume it’s true.

Daniel R wrote on Twitter that he had heard that about Pascal’s role being a God in disguise. Something we had already seen before in David Thewlis‘s Sir Patrick Morgan/Ares. So why do it again? It would be a reminder about her origin and her relation to the Gods, that’s for certain. The “insider” believes that the role will be a villain role, which could be possible. It would be incredibly repetitive though. So if I may, I’ll put on my speculation hat and dissect this a bit.

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In the original film, it was said that Ares killed all the Gods, even Zeus himself. It’s possible he did not kill the Gods completely and they’ve been biding their time in healing themselves. It’s also possible that they’ve created a bit of a loophole, given that Hades is the God of the Underworld. No hellish beasts nor the undead are on Earth, so who guards the underworld? Hades could have survived the ordeal and will create chaos for Diana. It could also signal Ares’s return, given that the United States and Soviet Russia are on the brink of war. Frankly I could work with this all day but you see my point. It’s possible but it may not have any merit.

Now these are only things I’ve thought about but what do you think of the rumor? Do you want to see another god or do you think he’ll play someone different. Let us know! Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more DCEU news! Wonder Woman 1984 flies into theaters November 1st, 2019.



Erin Lynch