There are a lot of new books coming out every week. With New Release Radar, I’ll help you narrow down the week’s new book releases into the titles you should get excited about. I have six books to recommend this week, including glamorous historical fiction and dark short stories. Read on!

Nineteen Claws and a Black Bird: Stories by Agustina Bazterrica

This collection of short stories is brutal but darkly funny. Some are unsettling, some are thrilling, but each one is complex and profound. Agustina Bazterrica became a TikTok sensation with Tender Is the Flesh in 2020, and her new book release is sure to be a hit as well.

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Lucky Red by Claudia Cravens

The cover of Lucky Red by Claudia Cravens

Sixteen-year-old Bridget is already disillusioned with the world. When a snakebite kills her alcoholic father, she arrives penniless in Dodge City. Soon, however, she’s recruited to work at a women-run brothel called the Buffalo Queen. She takes to the life easily but falls head over heels for Spartan Lee, a legendary female gunslinger. A series of double-crosses, however, shatter the peace and safety she’s found.

Lucky Red is a gorgeously cinematic debut novel. It’s a feminist, gay Western that you don’t want to miss.

Jobs for Girls With Artistic Flair by June Gervais

Introverted Gina Mulley struggles to belong in her conventional Long Island town. She desperately wants to become a tattoo artist, but it’s still a male-dominated fringe culture in 1985. Thankfully her brother owns a tattoo shop and reluctantly agrees to train her. Her world is turned upside down, however, when a striking physic’s assistant named Anna arrives in town. With Anna’s help, can Gina learn to stand up for herself, embrace her quirky style and become a professional tattoo artist?

This colorful coming-of-age story is perfect for anyone who’s ever felt like a misfit. If you have any interest in tattoos or the 80s, you should definitely check out Jobs for Girls With Artistic Flair.

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Bookshop Cinderella by Laura Lee Guhrke

The cover of Bookshop Cinderella

Evie Harlow is content to live her life as a spinster running a bookshop in London. Everything changes, however, when Maximillian Shaw, Duke of Westbourne, appears in her shop. His mission is a bet from his friends; he’ll turn her from an unmarried woman with no prospects to the diamond of the season. In return, he’ll help her find a husband. But as shy Evie blossoms, will she steal his heart too?

Bookshop Cinderella is an adorably classic take on a historical romance. This new book release is the first in a new series from author Laura Lee Guhrke that sounds perfect for Bridgerton fans.

The Only One Left by Riley Sager

Lenora Hope hasn’t left her family’s Maine estate since 1929 when she was accused, but not convicted, of murdering her family. She has never spoken publicly about that night. In 1983, Kit McDeere arrives to become Lenora’s home health aide and transcribe her story. But as Kit helps Lenora write about the Hope family massacre, it grows clearer that there’s more to the tale than people know.

A mansion perched on rocky cliffs and frozen in time is the perfect setting for Riley Sager’s new book. Riley Sager uses the setting of The Only One Left as an atmospheric, dramatic backdrop. There are more twists and turns than anyone could expect, and it’s a wild ride.

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The Brightest Star by Gail Tsukiyama

The cover of The Brightest Star

Everyone in America is falling for silent movies, including Wong Liu Tsong. As the daughter of Chinese immigrants, Wong Liu is bullied for her heritage. So she sneaks away to the local nickelodeons, determined to become an actress. At age sixteen, she leaves high school to pursue Hollywood dreams under the stage name Anna May Wong. Away from home for the first time, Anna May defies her family and upbringing to become the first Asian American star in the early days of Hollywood.

The Brightest Star is an excellent look at Anna May Wong’s struggles and triumphs. Gail Tsukiyama’s newest novel reads like a fictionalized biography that’s just right for anyone that likes stories about women who become successful in spite of the odds stacked against them.

You can check out these new book releases at or your local bookstore. What June 20 new release are you most excited to read? Let us know below, and tune in next week to grow your TBR.

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