Star Trek: Discovery is returning on CBS All Access in January (Sunday, January 7, 2018, to be exact), but that isn’t stopping CBS from releasing new posters for the show to tide us over until the return!

Four new posters have graced the internet, three featuring solo Starfleet characters and one featuring a Klingon. Each has a grey-scale emblem against a white background: the broken Starfleet chevron for the crew of Discovery and the Klingon emblem for the Klingon in the group. All of the characters have their backs to the audience with a few minor variances between each of them.

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) holds a phaser in her right hand and is looking over her shoulder at us. Her pose is a stance of readiness; she doesn’t appear to be aggressively ready to attack, but she seems prepared to act if need be. Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs), however, appears resolved for conflict; he, too, has his head turned toward his right shoulder, but his face is downcast and his eyes appear locked on his weapon – which is held in a very ominous grip with his finger hovering over the trigger. Lieutenant Saru (Doug Jones) stands with his arms out and right hand open, waiting and inviting. Lastly, Voq (Javid Iqbal), just stands there. He is not looking toward his right and his right hand is empty (but his left hand is hidden). Across the top of all four posters are three words: Discover the unknown.

What does all this mean for the second half of the first season of Discovery? I’m not sure, but I’m curious to find out! The remaining episode titles may provide a clue, but I leave deciphering that clue up to you:

10. Despite Yourself
11. The Wolf Inside
12. Vaulting Ambition
13. What’s Past is Prologue
14. The War Without, the War Within
15. Will You Take My Hand?

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See the new posters below and tell me what you think they portend for the crew of the USS Discovery and the war with the Klingons:

Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Chapter 2 Poster Michael Burnham Sonequa Martin-Green


Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Chapter 2 Poster Gabriel Lorca Jason Isaacs


Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Chapter 2 Poster Saru Doug Jones


Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Chapter 2 Poster Voq Javid Iqbal



Star Trek: Discovery returns on January 7, 2018. Fans inside The United States can stream on CBS All Access while fans in Canada can tune in to Space Channel and fans elsewhere can catch up on Netflix on Monday, January 8, 2018.



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