Everyone should buckle up because the Fox Studios publicity team is spinning up their promotions engine for their upcoming film, Logan. The film hits theatres in March and will see Hugh Jackman in his final role as the clawed, berserking mutant. Thanks to a healing factor that basically makes him unkillable, he’s led a very long and very violent life: almost two hundred years of being a soldier on the front lines of slaughter.

And now he’s ready for that to be over. He’s been experimented on, his mind has been twisted, seen all of his friends exterminated then gone through time and seen it all again. In his final years, he simply wants to put all of that behind him and live his sunset years in peace, left alone by the world that has only ever seen him as a soldier or a killer. He is the best at what he does, after all, even if what he does isn’t very nice.

Hugh Jackman teased the poster yesterday with a tweet, but released the full poster today. It would seem that Fox saw how well it worked that Ryan Reynolds did so much of the PR for Deadpool, so now Jackman is doing a lot via his twitter. And they’re not wrong, it’s great to see the stars of these films taking so much interest in their work.


In it, we can see Logan on a lone road as the sun sets behind him. The image is so on the nose in it’s metaphor, it may as well have a road sign reading, “This is it.” But, we don’t fault the poster for that; it’s actually really well made and immediately puts us in the right frame of mind for this movie. Posters in the past have all focused on the popped Adamantium claws, but here we’re focusing on the man, Logan — the claws are an after thought.

We see him old, weary, tired of being the only man on this road. It’s not that he’s tired of life, so much; he’s tired of the fight, but the fight is all he’s ever known. Even when he turns away from the fight, he’s pulled back in to it kicking and screaming.

With the film only three months away now, we’re likely to start seeing much more of the film and getting a much better idea of what to expect from the story and the villains. We have already seen that the next trailer for the film has been classified and, as such, we can expect it to hit in the first couple weeks of January, if not sooner.


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