In November of 2017, we’ll get our first ever Justice League movie from Warner Bros. For all us longtime comic book fans, this is something we’ve wanted since the days of the Superfriends and never thought we’d get; yet, here we are.

Last week we heard a rumor that our first big Justice League trailer would be hitting the internet soon. This came after one lucky fan claimed to have had a chance encounter with Zack Synder who hinted at him a trailer would hit any day now. While we don’t have confirmation that a new trailer is indeed dropping anytime soon, we do have EW giving us a new look at three of our main characters and talking about the film.

Why is this good news? Because this sort of publicity is typically a wind up for the big release of the trailer. We may get another month of little things like this — pictures, interviews and quotes — before we get the trailer, but it’s likely we’ll get a new trailer soon.

JUSTICE LEAGUE (2017) (L-r)†EZRA MILLER as The Flash,†BEN AFFLECK as Batman and GAL GADOT as Wonder Woman Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures/ ô & © DC Comics

In the mean time, the picture features a great look at Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and The Flash (Ezra Miller). They are looking up at something, bracing themselves for action. Obviously, we can’t see what exactly it is they are looking at, but our guess is that it can’t be good.

Along with the photo, EW spoke with Ezra Miller about his role as Barry Allen/The Flash. He said, “Flash is Ringo Starr. He annoys everybody, but he doesn’t have any specific beef with anyone. Uncle Fish Curry [Aquaman] is very grumpy. Dad [Batman] gets grumpy too. (He’s had a long life of fighting crime.) ­Wonder Woman is very considerate, so even though she’s annoyed with the Flash, she’s still very compassionate.”

There’s nothing too revealing about the quote. Miller is basically just summing up what we already know about the characters. About the only thing he says here that’s revealing is that his character is annoying. The Flash was always the comic relief of the Justice League, but annoying seems a little strong.

We’re not sure why he believes Ringo Starr is so annoying, but it is funny to think about the Beatles drummer able to run so fast he exists between the ticks of a second.

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