And our team is complete! According to The Hollywood Reporter, the final team member’s role has been filled. Newcomer Blu Hunt will be joining the New Mutants cast as Danielle Moonstar. The horror-thriller film will focus on the teen-centric team of mutants.

Created by Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod, Danielle Moonstar is a Chyenne Native American mutant with psionic abilities. She also goes under the names Mirage and Psyche due to her ability to create illusions. Her most developed power manifests people’s fears or desired into very realistic illusions. She’s also telepathic with animals and has even been seen shooting energy arrows. Needless to say, her powers are from the mind. Moonstar has also been to Asgard and trained to become a Valkyrie, so she may be the coolest member of the team, just saying.


Hunt is fairly new to acting, most notable in her appearance on The Originals. According to the article, casting directors searched all over different countries and landed on Hunt, who is part Native American. Apparently the film will focus on the “Demon Bear” storyline, which Moonstar is a large part of. Representation was also important to the production so Hunt is their lady! 

What do you think of the casting? Are you looking forward to see Moonstar on the screen? Let us know! New Mutants will be out in theaters in 2018.