Logan & X-23

The new trailer for Logan, Fox Studio’s last Wolverine film starring Hugh Jackman, hit the internet this morning. With the first trailer, we got an idea of the somewhat somber, dramatic and tragic tone of this film. Logan and the Professor (Patrick Stewart) have lost a lot in their day; now they’re hiding out and, essentially, just waiting to die in peace. However, this trailer is hyper-focused on the character of the feral Laura Kinney (Dafne Keen) and the father-daughter bond that develops between her and Logan.

It seems, for all intents and purposes, that this relationship is the actual crux of the film. Logan is a hesitant father figure, fully aware of just how feral and dangerous he is: he won’t be winning any “Father of the Year” mugs anytime soon. Then Laura comes into his life and reveals herself to be exactly like Logan, the Wolverine. She has claws, she’s feral and wild, a highly-trained soldier unafraid to kill, even at this age.

Furthermore, her claws are laced with Adamantium, which is not a natural occurrence. Only Weapon-X has the technology to lace the skeleton with Adamantium. This means, just like Logan was before, this girl, Laura, has somehow come from Weapon-X. This makes it presumable that she has a healing factor similar to Logan’s as that is the only way to survive the process of bonding the alloy to bone.

Just like the Professor had to temper Wolverine’s kill-first temper and teach him a more peaceable life, it appears that Logan will have to teach Laura that lesson throughout the film. This is evident from the very first scene where Laura does not fully understand that she’s stealing food then almost kills the clerk for stopping her. It’s Logan who breaks this up, teaching Laura a calmer approach, fearful to keep a low profile while on the run. Though, he’s still Logan, so of course he still takes a couple small candies for the road.

Of course, this is still an action film. Despite the tonal call to peace, we still need the fight. That being said, we appear to get plenty of that in Laura, who we definitely now know is X-23. Whether they ever actually call her that remains to be seen; what is absolutely evident is just how wild, how strong, how proficient, fearless and badass she is.

You do NOT mess with this girl. Plain and simple. She takes out more than her fair share of Reavers throughout.


There’s also the international trailer that went out, but the only real difference between the two of them is this one features two uses of the “F” word and a quick little tag featuring a grumpy Professor X.

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