A new image from Justice League comes to us from TotalFilm Magazine and at least they’re out of that damn building! We’ve gotten quite a few stills from the film set to release this November and it’s more of the same, essentially.

The image features Wonder Woman, Cyborg and Aquaman ready for a fight. The two most notable things in the image is Cyborg’s weapon and where they are. First, it looks like they’re on a Kryptonian ship or a Kryptonian building. The architecture is other worldly and resembles the workings of Superman’s suit. Now, this could be completely inaccurate and it’s something Steppenwolf has come to Earth in. Either way – they’re definitely in an alien setting! Cyborg’s weapon is, to be frank, cool. It looks like it’s part of him and what exactly it’s made of is unsure. Not even sure what it is but it’s very cool nonetheless.

What do you think of the image? Let us know and be sure to see Justice League in theaters November 17th.