~Matt Key

We’ve got a new teaser trailer for Marvel’s next big Netflix series, Jessica Jones!

It’s very simple and straightforward — just a woman walking home from a day of work. However, this is Jessica Jones we’re talking about, so when she walks home, she actually leaps from the ground up, up to her apartment, five stories up.

This raises the question of Jessica’s ability to fly. In this trailer, is she just jumping really high, or is she actually flying? In the comics, she can fly, though she rarely does. However, Netflix and Marvel could be trying to keep things in their street level series more grounded, which means flight could be a little problematic.

This is the third teaser they’ve released in as many weeks, with the first one seeing her smash an alarm clock and the second one seeing her walk through the aftermath of a bar room brawl that she obviously won. Presumably, this is all leading up to a trailer sometime in the next couple weeks, as the series is slated to be released on November 20th, which is quickly approaching.

Three things to note. First of all, there’s the sign for Trish Talk, which is apparently the show that Trish Walker, played by Rachael Taylor does. In the comics, Trish Walker is actually Patsy Walker, who goes on to become the hero, Hellcat. Also, we see that Jessica, played by actress Krysten Ritter, lives above a bar, which is probably done on purpose since Ms. Jones is a hero with a drinking problem. Finally, we see the sign outside her window announcing “Alias Investigations,” which is the name of her detective agency.

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