~Matt Key

We’ve got a new teaser to look at in anticipation of Netflix’s newest Marvel series, Jessica Jones, which hits the streaming service this Friday!

This teaser focuses completely on Luke Cage! And by focuses, we see the name of his bar light up on a neon sign and — that’s it.

Honestly, it’s not the most exciting trailer, but here’s what it accomplishes. First of all, it opens with text placing this in Hell’s Kitchen, then showing the neon sign for Josie’s Bar. In case you forgot, Josie’s is the hole-in-the-wall dive bar that Matt Murdoch and Foggy Nelson frequent in Daredevil.

Basically, the teaser is hinting that there is some approximation for the Jessica Jones and Daredevil stories.

The next thing it does is say, or at least hint at, Luke Cage having his own bar. We’ve seen the trailers with Luke Cage working at a bar, but this teaser teases that it’s actually his bar.

Those two things combined say that Luke Cage’s story, which is currently filming, takes place close to Daredevil’s and Jessica Jones’s stories.

Basically, this is some very simple, very subtle world building.

All of these Netflix series cannot come out fast enough!



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