Inhumans hits IMAX theatres at the beginning of September and then, later in the month, premieres on ABC for a limited order of eight episodes. We’ve seen very little of the series, just a couple behind-the-scenes shots of Anson Mount as Black Bolt and some production shots showing their giant prop stand-in for Lockjaw. There’s also been a rumored “leaked” plot synopsis, though it’s currently unconfirmed.

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All that being said, we’ve at the very least got our first look at the Inhumans poster. In it, we see the lightning bolts often associated with Black Bolt hovering over the Earth. Blue lightning sparkles between the bolts as it floats in space above the planet, giving us the sense that this series is very cosmic in it’s atmosphere. At the very least, it will be alien and very much not-of-this-world.

You can see for yourself below.




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