Tonight we’ll see our first look at the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer when it premieres on Jimmy Kimmel Live! There’s a lot of anticipation for the trailer, which will give us our first look at the Marvel Studios version of Spider-Man — the third Spider-Man we’ve had in ten years. So why all the excitement?

Because this is the Marvel Studios version of Spider-Man. This is the first time they’ve been able to do exactly what they want to do with the character. Sure Sony has the rights, but in order to get the juggernaut that is the MCU behind their character, Sony now shares those rights with Marvel.

Ahead of the trailer release tonight, USA Today has an interview and article out today talking about the film with some of the actors and producers.


Let’s start with Tom Holland, who admits that he sees the film as “more a character piece about this kid who’s struggling to talk to girls and also struggling to save the city.” Co-Producer Eric Hauserman Carroll added to this. He said, “He literally just went to Europe with the coolest clique of them all,” referencing Captain America: Civil War, “and now he’s back with the academic decathlon and the mathletes and going, ‘What am I doing here?'” 

Speaking of the Avengers, Kevin Feige chimed in to give us some information on Tony Stark and talk about how he’s tweaked Spider-Man’s new suit. This is presumably the one we’ve seen in the six seconds aired last night where Spider-Man has webbed wings that allow him to glide. If you remember, Happy Hogan (Jon Favreau) that delivered it to him, compliments of Stark himself.

In speaking to that new suit, Feige said that it, “can do a lot more than he even realizes right now.” He went on to add that, with this movie, “you begin to see just how much Tony Stark loves bells and whistles.”

But, Spider-Man can’t be Spider-Man without a good villain and we’ve definitely got the makings of that with Michael Keaton playing Adrian Toombs, a.k.a. The Vulture. While he’s always been seen as a relatively simple villain for Spider-Man to battle in the comics, it seems that’s not the case here. As Holland says of him, “The first time we see the Vulture is terrifying. It’s like a horror movie: really scary, very intense and shocking.”


The film’s director, Jon Watts, went on to explain his reasoning behind choosing The Vulture as the bad guy — “The Spidey foe is different than other Marvel baddies such as Thanos and Ultron. It’s fun to think that if Spider-Man is a regular kid who becomes a superhero, there’s got to be a bunch of regular guys who become supervillains too.”

And according to Holland, he’s going to have his hands full as Spider-Man because, “This is really a movie where Spider-Man’s not the finished article. He really does learn and he makes massive mistakes. It’s nice to see a kid do that and then try to rectify those mistakes.”


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