Angela Kang has already confirmed a time jump going into The Walking Dead season nine. Entertainment Weekly has release the first official image that may give us an idea about how far we’re jumping.  

The Walking Dead

Entertainment Weekly’s First Look at season nine of The Walking Dead.

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Back to Basics

As you can see, the image shows a group of survivors, led by Michonne (Danai Gurira), resorting to use of horse and carriage to get around.  Kang says we get a glimpse of what the world looks like after man made structures break down and resources run out.

“There’s a fun Western vibe that has emerged. We are going into a period where a lot of the things that we’ve seen in previous seasons have broken down, so they’ve got these horses and carriages that are being drawn around instead of cars. Things are lit with oil lamps. People are using different kinds of weaponry. There’s a real grittiness to it that I think will be fun and fresh for the viewers.” – Kang

That also brings about a new way of viewing the world for the characters.  It’s kind of interesting to think about what one would do if there was no electricity or if you had to wait for your food to grow.  Kang says the characters have to unite in certain ways that makes them deal with one another differently.  

“In some ways, you’ll see that the vision has succeeded beyond anybody’s wildest imagination. But you’ll also see the cracks in that.” – Kang

It’s like living in the past, but not…anyway…Kang will join the cast at The Walking Dead SDCC panel on Friday July 20.  The season nine trailer will also be presented at SDCC and hopefully, we’ll get to see more of this new world we’re heading into.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC in October 2018.


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