Exciting news for wizarding fans the world over; a new Harry Potter game is underway! Following leaked footage first appearing on reddit, it seems like a new RPG is being developed and from the looks of it, the game might actually be the one we’ve all been waiting for since The Philosopher’s Stone (without a doubt one of the best games around in the HP universe). We know you all want more information on this so let’s try to piece the puzzle together of who the developers behind the game are.

This year, Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery kept our Harry Potter appetites in check. We’ve reviewed the game in another post so we won’t go too much into that here but suffice it to say we enjoyed it – in so far as the genre went. We’ve also seen a couple of Lego spin-offs in recent years. Throw in a couple of wizard-themed online games in the mix (and trust us when we say that the genre has been used for all kinds of games), and you have quite a cocktail of HP games. The one thing in common they all share: they’re all slightly dated. Which is also why this piece of news made waves amongst Harry Potter aficionados.

The Game: What we know

The leaked video, first shown to uploading agent VapeThisBro as part of some marketing research, was taken down almost immediately by Warner Bros. enough of a sign for some that it was not a hoax. The user who uploaded the video asked the rhetorical question “do you think a random internet stoner would have the skills and patience to create this video?”, which, honestly, is pretty impossible to tell knowing how incredibly apt some people are. Though to what ends the video would serve is another thing entirely.

The video in question showed third person combat mechanics and all the elements we are used to by now; aerial shots of Hogwarts grounds, creatures we’ve now met because of Fantastic Beasts, while the game description explained that the game is set in the 19th century where a late fifth year joiner enters Hogwarts. We can all assume a fifth year has better knowledge of the spells and in fact, we can get to curse and defeat dark wizards. Exciting!

What we think

At first, all eyes were on British & Warner Bros owned Rocksteady as being behind the making of the game. However, sources close to the studio have confirmed that it isn’t, despite the promising fact that they have been working away at their next project. Second favourites: Avalanche Software. This software house was briefly closed in 2016 but was then bought by Warner Bros, suddenly making them number one suspects in this whodunit mystery. Eurogamer.net confirmed that ever since 2017, Utah-based Avalanche have been hiring staff for a large scope project, with a “deep understanding of British culture and grammatical presentation”, with a good knowledge of “gaming narrative and branching storytelling, particularly in the realm of RPGs”. It’s not difficult to connect the dots at this stage.

So what can we expect?

Timelines on when this game would be launched are sketchy though it might be a year until we see it live. What we don’t wish to see: loot boxes that make you pay up real-money to begin enjoying the game. What we would love to see: our favourite stars will probably not be making an appearance given the setting but the creatures and vistas should be enough to keep us happy.