Super Bowl ads are being released early and the new Ghost in the Shell ad is no exception. A 30 second spot shows us half the footage we’ve seen but delivers in new, exciting footage. And we get a good look at our villain!

Scarlett Johansson is starring as The Major, a synthetic full-body prosthesis augmented-cybernetic human serving in a special task force of public safety. We see her against rogue cyborg geisha, an armored assault tank and facing off with the villain, The Puppet Master. Though currently unnamed in the film, he voices over the spot saying that “they didn’t save [her] life. They destroyed it.” It leaves the mystery of The Major’s past lingering and makes you question who “they” are.

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For those unfamiliar, this is a live action film adaptation of the animated film from 1995 based on the manga series of the same name. Woo, that was a mouthful. Of the footage we’ve seen, it’s a pretty faithful adaption but we’ll only know for sure when the film comes out. One thing that is definitely the same is Kenji Kawai‘s opening theme that echoes very hauntingly in this ad. It makes this images that much more alluring, if it weren’t for the obnoxious drill noise of course.

What do you think of the ad below? Will you be seeing this adaption? Ghost in the Shell will be released in theaters on March 31st, 2017.