Game of Thrones Season 7 fast approaches.  But, not nearly fast enough, because HBO‘s new trailer for the upcoming season will make you feel like you NEED to see what’s next RIGHT NOW.  It is epic.  And, we are in for a wild ride. 

If you’re like me, it’ll take a number of passes to fully absorb the details and insight that we get into Season 7 from this new exciting trailer.  The trailer focuses for the most part on the 3 ‘kings’ that are making plays for power, and the threats that face them.   The first thing we hear is Cersei’s voice.  She’s counting the threats and the directions that they come from… which is all of them.  But, her voice never waivers.  She shows no fear.  She’s out to destroy everyone who crosses her, and you’d be a fool to think she can’t.  She refers to the last Lannisters, and as she finishes her statement and says, ‘The last ones who count’ we see Tyrion on a cliff watching a Dragon fly by.  Oh, yes.  He may be the very last one who counts.  

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There are a few details that really stick out.  The first time we see Daenerys it seems she’s looking at the opening doors of Dragonstone.  We all assumed that she would make landfall and run amok, but it seems pretty solidified in these images that she’s back in the house of Targaryan and running the show.  Jon Snow faces threats from inside and outside of his ranks.  Arya’s out in the cold somewhere, there’s fire and destruction, marching armies, and there’s a dothraki horde accompanied by Drogon himself. 

WHY MUST WE WAIT UNTIL JULY??? But, we must.  Game of Thrones’ 7-episode 7th season will premiere July 16.  The great war has begun. 

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