We have a couple of big Heroes of the Storm announcements coming from Blizzard today. The first is the release of a new event: Echoes of Alterac.

In Echoes of Alterac, Horde and Alliance will meet of the battlefield of Alterac Pass, a map reminiscent of the Alterac Valley battleground from World of Warcraft. Each faction will have to destroy keeps, gather forces, and defeat the enemy General in order to claim victory.

In addition to the new map, there will also be a new map mechanic that will allow players to add a Cavalry unit to their side.  This is a unit that has been taken prisoner by the opposing faction, and it is the team’s responsibility to free these units before they are able to join you. Of course, you need to be the first side to claim these units, or you risk losing them to the opposition. Calvary units will boost movement speed and damage.

Along with the Calvary unit, players will have to destroy keeps in order to conjure Reavers that will lead you minions to battle. These melee tank units will provide additional protection for your minions as they lead the charge towards the enemy General.

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Ultimately players will have to defeat the General in order to win the battle. The Horde will be led by Drek’Thar and the Alliance will be led by Vanndar Stormpike. These Generals draw their strength from the keeps, so the more keeps you destroy the weaker they become. However, they gain 20 Armor for each keep that remains intact. So go for the Keeps, get your Reavers, and push to victory.

New Quest

Echoes of Alterac requires players to declare their side. Once a side is chosen, players can complete the questline to earn epic faction-themed rewards like a portrait, a banner, and a mount.

  • Quest: Play four games as a Warcraft hero
    • Reward: Warcraft Reinforcement Chests (four items drop, and one is guaranteed to be a Warcraft Hero)
  • Quest: Achieve 50 takedowns in a winning game
    • Reward: Faction Portrait
  • Quest: Play six games with friends
    • Reward: Faction Banner
      • Lordareon Banner for the Alliance
      • Orgrimmar Banner for the Horde
    • Quest: Win 8 games as a Warcraft Hero
      • Reward: Faction Mount
        • Ram for the Alliance
        • Wolf for the Horde

And as always, there will be new Warcraft-themed skins, mounts, sprays, and more, plus Echoes of Alterac loot chests and exclusive bundles

Hew Hero – Yrel

Last but not least, there will be a new Hero in the Nexus. Joining the fray will be Yrel, the Light of Hope. This Draenei paladin will provide AOE and melee damage, knockback, and barrier protection.  

For more information about this event, watch the video below.


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