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Admittedly, there’s not a lot of anything new to see in these two photos released earlier today for Marvel’s next big film, Doctor Strange. It’s really just stuff we’ve already seen in the trailer. One is a picture of an infinite amount of New York Cities all folding in on themselves. The other is of Doctor Strange, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, using his magicks in some way, a magical tome laid open in front of him. However, what we do get in these photos is a pause long enough to see some more details.



In the case of the cities, we can see that they are all exact mirror images of each other, all on a collision course in some way, which furthers the idea that these realities are all merging into each other. The trailers have left us with the idea that they are all sort of revolving around each other in some way, but these pictures look as if they are all intrinsically linked and are on the verge of smashing together.

The other one, of Doctor Strange using his magic, is again, something we’ve already seen in the trailer released at San Diego Comic Con, however, in this pic we’ve gone just a bit further and we can now see that the amulet hanging around Doctor Strange’s neck, the Eye of Agamotto, is open in some way. Obviously we don’t have any other details than that — is that as open as it can be? Can it open more? Can it be brighter? What’s it actually doing?

In the comics, the Eye of Agamotto is one of the most powerful artifacts out there. Initially, it’s only real was cutting through any and all illusions and lies to communicate the truth of any situation to Doctor Strange. However, it soon became more and more powerful, eventually becoming almost entirely like a second sorcerer with a mind of it’s own in some ways. But what is it doing here? What spell is Strange casting? Is it helping the Sorcerer Supreme to be read an ancient, dead language? Or is it much more than that?

November 12th, when the film hits theatres, is when all those answers will be revealed.


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