Fans of the Devil May Cry 5 series from Capcom were treated to a brand new trailer this week featuring fellow main character Dante. When originally announced during E3 2018, the trailer heavily featured Nero as he made his way towards Red Grave City. Devil May Cry 5 will have players beat back the demons that are now taking over the entire world. The new trailer gives us a closer look at not only Dante but beloved series heroines, Trish and Lady, who are making their grand return.

During E3 2018 it was also shared that Devil May Cry 5 will feature three playable players. The two obvious were Nero and Dante however the third mysterious character has only been refereed to as “V”. In the latest trailer we get our first glimpse at the man himself. He is the newest client for “Devil May Cry” and speaks in poetic verse. We are expected to learn more about our new friend over the next couple of months.

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In the trailer itself we see Dante back in action with Nero and the gang. He wields several different weapons including his trusty sword Rebellion, guns Ebony and Ivory, and what can only be the coolest motorbike I have ever seen. The trailer includes intense fighting scenes featuring Dante and Nero with heavy metal music playing in the background for one of the best trailers I have seen this year. If they are following the same pattern, we should get a trailer feature V in the near future as well.

You can catch the new trailer here on the PlayStation YouTube channel. The trailer may be inappropriate for some users and you will have to input your age to see it. Devil May Cry 5 is set to release on March 8, 2019 for Xbox One, PC, and the PS4. A Deluxe Edition is available for pre-order from several different vendors and includes exclusive in-game Devil Breaker arms for Nero, an option to replace cutscenes with behind-the-scenes pre-viz live action versions and other special content!



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