At E3 2019, publisher THQ Nordic and developer Airship Syndicate gave us a playable Darksiders Genesis demo. Judging by our first playthrough, it is every bit Diablo III meets Darksiders all rolled into a solid action-adventure game. Today a new gameplay trailer was released that introduces us to new powerful attacks and the “Creature Core”-system.

The “Creature Core”-system is at the heart of Darksiders Genesis. This system allows players to fully customize their Strife and War playstyles. By gathering cores from vanquished enemies (or buying them from Vulgrim), players can level up their abilities to strengthen their attacks, add additional damage to character movements, spawn creatures, increase their max health, attack power, wrath power, healing, and ammunition drops. The higher the level, the stronger the ability becomes.

In addition to the “Creature Core”-system, the trailer also showcases a few powerful attacks including:

  • World Ender: an immense blast of energy that damages all enemies in its path.
  • Rampage: a quick dash attack that heavily damages enemies.
  • Earthsplitter: a sword attack that raises the ground and causes damage to a single enemy.
  • Flamebrand: a massive spinning flame sword attack.

Overall, it looks like Darksiders Genesis might be the top-down, action-adventure, destroy-all-the-hordes game that we’ve been looking for this holiday season. If you are a fan of the Darksiders games, then this might be a game to pick up when it is released in December.

For more information and to pre-order the game, check out the official website.

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Darksiders Genesis will be released on December 5, 2019 for PC and Google Stadia. It will be coming to all consoles on February 14, 2020.

Gameplay Trailer



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