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A month ahead of release, Marvel/Netflix have released a new trailer for their thirteen episode binge-fest, Daredevil. Remember the first trailer? You can watch it below to remind yourself.

We didn’t get too much of a look at D’onofrio’s portrayal of Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk. While that was certainly disappointing, it made all of us very excited and eager to see more. However, in this trailer, not only do we see more of him, but we hear his voice opening up the whole trailer, saying, “When I was a kid, I used to dream what it would be like to live somewhere far away from Hell’s Kitchen. But I realized the city was a part of me. It was in my blood and I would do anything to make it a better place.”

Just from the trailer, it appears that D’onofrio’s performance is dead on for what we all expect of the Kingpin and that he gives Matt Murdock’s Daredevil, not only a perfect villain, but a perfect foil. If the difference between good and evil is “a sharp line,” as Murdock says in the trailer (presumably at trial), then Murdock is barely on the good side and Kingpin is barely on the bad side. That is to say, Kingpin could very easily be who Matt Murdock becomes if he’s not careful and that makes for a very interesting villain.

In a lot of ways, Murdock’s real struggle is an internal one more than an exterior one, a fight for the goodness of his soul against a world so dark that “good” is uncertain and capable of being wielded as a tool by evil men. The flip side to this, of course, is that evil can be wielded by good men just as well.

Perhaps the most telling line spoken in the trailer is the priest who says to Murdock, “Another man’s evil does not make you good.” Matt very much wants to do the right thing here, but the right thing is requiring him to do the wrong thing and it’s this struggle that lies very much at the core of what makes Daredevil such an interesting character.

In the end, we finally hear Matt Murdock repeat the Kingpin’s earlier desire, saying, “I’m just trying to make my city a better place.”

It very much seems that the series is attempting to make a very intelligent commentary on the nature of good, evil and justice, what defines it, who dictates it, it’s moral center and the common person’s role within it. The exploration and execution of the themes at play in this series are enough to get excited about, but we also get to see them in a Daredevil series!

Verily, what an insanely awesome time we dorks all live in. The prophecies foretold of a time when the Geeks would inherit the earth, but to live in that time is truly a gift.

The entire 13-episode run of Daredevil will be released on Netflix on April 10th.

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