The solo Bumblebee movie has a new official trailer, and it is bringing transformers fans back to their roots.  The film is set in 1987, and it is really delivering on original transformers designs beyond Bumblebee himself.  And, there are a lot of transformers in this trailer!

Bumblebee is an origin story set around the title character’s first relationship with humans (Hailee Seinfeld) and Earth, itself.  The humans are not yet clear on the difference between the Decepticons and the Autobots, so John Cena is very clearly duped by Shatter (Angela Bassett) and Dropkick (Justin Theroux); triple-changers who are hunting Bumblebee down and framing him as a dangerous fugitive.  

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There are a few Generation 1 delights in this trailer.  G1 Optimus Prime is powerfully represented with Peter Cullen’s original voice for the character there to remind us all of the 80’s cartoon.  Soundwave is featured, with his signature tape deck chest (not seen since the 80’s), that releases a “tape” in the form of Ravage, the robot jaguar sent to prowl Earth looking for Autobots to attack.  Blitzwing drags Bumblebee across the sand.  There is also a shot of what EW pointed out looks like Starscream, next to a Cyclops robot who ruled Cybertron in Megatron’s place in the 80’s cartoon.  But, director Travis Knight told fans at SDCC this year, that Starscream was not in the movie.  Maybe he was just referring to the first trailer?  We’ll keep an eye out. 

Overall, the trailer is fun and the movie looks great; full of heart, laughs, adventure and robot war.  We’re excited for this one. 

Every hero has a beginning.

Bumblebee is set to invade theaters on December 21st. 




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