There are a lot of new books coming out every week. With New Release Radar, I’ll help you narrow down the week’s new book releases into the titles you should get excited about. I have seven books to recommend this week, one of my favorite reads of 2023 so far. Read on!

Stars, Hide Your Fires by Jessica Mary Best

As an expert thief, Cass knows the emperor’s ball is the perfect chance to steal a fortune for herself, her sick father and her crew of thieves. Once on the imperial palace station, however, things quickly go wrong. The emperor is murdered, and someone is setting Cass up to take the blame. To clear her name, Cass must work with a mysterious rebel to unravel the secrets of the empire.

The publisher describes Stars, Hide Your Fires as Knives Out goes sci-fi and I can’t wait to check it out. Jessica Mary Best’s debut is a fun YA adventure full of action, romance and mystery.

The Saint of Bright Doors by Vajra Chandrasekera

The cover of The Saint of Bright Doors has a gold and orange door in a blue void. There is a yellow background with broken blue and white pottery on the edges.

Fetter’s mother raised him to kill. His fate is to murder his father, the leader of a cult known as the Peaceful and Kind. After escaping his blood-soaked childhood, Fetter heads to the city where he can get lost. Once there, however, things are more than they seem. Group therapy is a cover for recruiting revolutionaries and the arrival of gods is heralded via junk mail. With the arrival of the celebrated Peaceful and Kind imminent, will Fetter embrace his destiny or take the chance to rewrite the world?

The Saint of Bright Doors is an entirely original new book release with an incredibly rich world. Vajra Chandrasekera’s debut is perfect for fans of The Broken Earth trilogy by N.K. Jemisin or The Devourers by Indrapramit Das

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A Shot in the Dark by Victoria Lee

Elisheva Cohen is excited to return to Brooklyn after a decade of shunning by her Orthodox community. She has an incredible opportunity to study photography with a renowned artist. Things get complicated, however, when she realizes that the man she had a passionate encounter with on her first night back is her photography teacher Wyatt Cole. Both Ely and Wyatt carry emotional burdens from their pasts, and as their forbidden relationship deepens, their shared struggles ignite a powerful connection.

In her romantic adult debut, Victoria Lee created a novel full of complex characters and powerful representation. A Shot in the Dark is full of tension, angst, romance and protagonists you’ll definitely root for.

Bellegarde by Jamie Lilac

The cover of Bellegarde features a young woman in a pink poofy dress and a young man in a green suit in front of a grand staircase

Evie Clement knows how to avoid attention. She keeps her head down, working at her family’s bakery until she can pursue her dream of designing dresses. However, Beau Bellegarde needs her. A well-known rake and the playboy of Paris, he takes a bet to transform a wallflower into the winning Bellegarde Bloom at the annual Court of Flowers Ball or lose his entire fortune.

Combine She’s All That with Bridgerton, and you’ve got Bellegarde. This new book release is a great summer read for anyone that enjoys historical romance.

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Queen of Exiles by Vanessa Riley

After the brutal but successful Haitian Revolution, Marie-Louise Christophe became queen of the only free Black nation in the Western Hemisphere. Despite their newfound freedom, Haitians struggle under debt to France and indifference from their allies in Britain and the United States. When her husband dies by his own hand, Louise and her daughters flee to Europe. Once there, Louise navigates the European aristocracy while discovering her own strength and redefining her place in a male-dominated world.

Queen of Exiles shines a spotlight on the first Black queen in the Western Hemisphere. Marie-Louise Christophe’s story is one you don’t want to miss, and historical novelist Vanessa Riley tells it with grace and heart.

A Warning About Swans by R.M. Romero

Hilde and her sisters possess cloaks that transform them into swans, and each comes with a unique gift. Hilde, however, despises hers; she doesn’t want to shepherd the souls of dying creatures into the afterlife, known as the Other Wood. Yearning for a different existence, she strikes a deal an ambitious baron, but soon finds herself trapped in a world that doesn’t understand her. In an effort to fit in, Hilde hires a non-binary Jewish artist to paint her portrait and is shocked when they paint her with swan wings. When her swan cloak goes missing, Franz may be the only one who can help Hilde escape her newfound prison.

In a superb return to form, R.M. Romero’s new novel is a dreamy, original fairytale. A Warning About Swans is a gorgeous novel in verse that’s perfect for anyone that loves a good retelling.

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Give Me a Sign by Anna Sortino

The cover of Give Me a Sign features a teen girl with a hearing aid and a teen boy sitting in tall grass and flowers. Both are using ASL

Lilah has never felt like enough. Being hard of hearing, she isn’t “deaf enough” for the Deaf world or hearing enough to meet the world’s expectations. In an attempt to find somewhere to fit in for the summer, she becomes a counselor at a summer camp for the deaf and blind. There are British lifeguards, a desperate YouTuber and overwhelming campers – and then there’s Isaac, a Deaf counselor who offers to help Lilah with her ASL. She wasn’t looking for love this summer, but she’ll definitely find the change she was seeking.

Give Me a Sign is a joyful YA romance centered on community and belonging. Author Anna Sotrino is Deaf herself, and her new book release is a nuanced depiction of Deaf culture and what it means to find your voice.

You can check out these new book releases at or your local bookstore. What July 11 new release are you most excited to read? Let us know below, and tune in next week to grow your TBR.

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