I may have told you about plenty of new books already, but there’s always more to share! Today I bring you “All the Rest”: new releases that don’t quite fit in with the other genres but still deserve all your love and attention. There’s a great mix of upcoming mysteries, horror, romance and more, so read on! 

January 25

The Red Palace by June Hur

Through hard work and study, eighteen-year-old Hyeon has earned a position as a palace nurse despite her illegitimate birth. But when court politicians accuse her friend and mentor of murdering four women in one night, Hyeon launches a secret investigation to prove her teacher’s innocence.

This new book (June Hur’s third in three years!) is perfect for fans of historical k-dramas, compelling characters and page-turning mysteries. The Red Palace is out now, so what are you waiting for?

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February 8

Yerba Buena by Nina LaCour

The cover of Nina LaCour's Yerba Buena, one of 2022's new books. The background is two shades of green split diagonally. There is a blue vase with pink flowers and a blue glass with a pink drink

Nina LaCour’s adult fiction debut Yerba Buena features Sara and Emilie, a bartender and a florist who find their way into each other’s lives. Both women have unprocessed trauma to reckon with, enough that it may destroy their blossoming romance. LaCour is known for her queer young adult novels and is incredibly talented at writing loneliness and loss. Yerba Buena promises melancholic and reflective vibes, meaningful relationships and gorgeous writing.

February 22

The Verifiers by Jane Pek

Claudia Lin is used to keeping secrets from her family; she has no interest in a conventional career or nice Chinese boys. Instead, she takes a job at Veracity, a referrals-only online dating agency that promises their clients they’ll confirm whether their matches are telling the truth about themselves. When a client vanishes under suspicious circumstances, crime-novel buff Claudia can’t resist investigating.

The Verifiers sounds like many beautiful things in one book: part literary mystery, part family story, part satire of the online dating scene. While you wait for Jane Pek’s debut, you can read her short fiction here.

Tripping Arcadia by Kit Mayquist

After dropping out of med school, Lena Gereghty takes a doctor’s assistant job for the elite Verdeau family. Her charge Jonathan, the sickly, drunken heir to the family empire, may be difficult, but Lena quickly befriends him and his sister Audrey.

While she falls into their wealthy way of life, she stumbles upon the knowledge that the Verdeau patriarch may have had a role in her own family’s downfall. Lena must decide how far she’s willing to go for payback and who she’s ready to sacrifice.

I love anything gothic, and Tripping Arcadia seems like the perfect addition to the genre. I’m looking forward to Kit Mayquist’s debut.

April 5

Portrait of a Thief by Grace D. Li

The cover of Grace D. Li's Portrait of a Thief, one of 2022's new books. The background is royal blue. There is an Asian man with sunglasses; reflected in them is an art gallery in orange tint

Harvard senior Will Chen is the perfect student and his parents’ American dream of an eldest son. When a shadowy Chinese corporation reaches out with an impossible job offer, Will leads a heist to steal back five precious Chinese sculptures looted from Beijing centuries ago. Success means fifty million dollars and a chance to make history. Failure means losing everything.

Portrait of a Thief is Grace D. Li’s first book; when she’s not writing, she’s a medical student at Stanford. Her debut has already been optioned for TV by Netflix!

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May 3

I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston

Chloe Green didn’t want to move from Southern California to finish high school at Willowgrove Christian Academy in Alabama, but she’s made the most of it. Years spent dodging talk about her open queerness, and her two moms will all be worth it when she’s named valedictorian.

The only person in her way is perfect, famous prom queen Shara Wheeler. When she kisses Shara, everything changes for Chloe, especially because she disappears the day after prom. Chloe teams up with the other two people Shara kissed to follow the clues she left behind and find her before graduation day.

Casey McQuiston’s new book is their YA debut, fresh off the success of their time-travel rom-com One Last Stop. I Kissed Shara Wheeler is bound to be a delightfully queer mystery!

May 10

The Hacienda by Isabel Cañas

After Beatriz’s father is executed during the Mexican War for Independence, she knows that marrying Don Rodolfo is the only way to save her life. But when she arrives at his estate, she quickly realizes Hacienda San Isidro is no sanctuary.

Invisible eyes follow her everywhere, she can’t sleep, and Rodolfo’s sister refuses to enter the house at night. When rumors spread about the fate of Rodolfo’s first wife, Beatriz decides to take action before the house breaks her completely.

Like I said above, I love gothic lit. The Hacienda’s Beatriz sounds like the perfect gothic heroine: newly married but isolated and isolated while blessed — or cursed — with an active imagination. Isabel Cañas’ new book can’t come soon enough.

May 24

You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi

It’s been five years since the accident that killed the love of her life, and Feyi wants to learn to live again. A steamy encounter at a rooftop party leads to a whirlwind summer romance full of luxury trips, decadent meals and tropical islands. But Feyi’s new life gets a lot more complicated when she locks eyes with the one person that’s off-limits.

Akwaeke Emezi has taken practically every genre by storm, so it’s only logical they’re jumping into romance with their new book. You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty is another book optioned for the screen before it even comes out; Michael B. Jordan’s Outlier Society production company won the screen rights for Amazon in April 2021. Plus, it’s named after a Florence and the Machine song. What’s not to love?

July 19

Just Like Home by Sarah Gailey

The cover of Sarah Gailey's Just Like Home, one of 2022's new books. The background is pale pink. There is a two-story house dripping red.

When Vera’s mother called her home, she obeyed. For the first time in years, she’s back in the home of a serial killer, about to face the complicated love she had for her father and the things he did. A strange artist has moved into the guest house out back to make things worse. When Vera begins finding notes around the house in her father’s handwriting, he denies that it’s him, but who else could it be?

It’s no secret I love Sarah Gailey’s work. While I’m terrified to read Just Like Home, I also know it will be outstanding and worth the fear.

All of these new books are available now for purchase or preorder from your local independent bookstore or Bookshop.org

What are you most looking forward to? Let us know below!

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