There are a lot of new books coming out every week. With New Release Radar, I’ll help you narrow down the week’s new book releases into the titles you should get excited about. This week, I have five books to share with you, including a fantastic work of autofiction and a collection of essays celebrating video games. Read on!

Wings of Red by James W. Jennings

June Papers is 28, Black and an MFA graduate with a felony record. While attempting to become a writer, he navigates the challenges of homelessness and working as a substitute teacher. Reluctantly, however, June realizes the transformative potential of mentorship and teaching as a path forward in his life.

Wings of Red is an autofiction debut written by Black educator James W. Jennings. With a cast of relatable characters and witty observations, Jennings takes on the paradox that is the American Dream.

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Critical Hits, Edited by Carmen Maria Machado and J. Robert Lennon

The cover of Critical Hits: Writers Playing Video Games is black with neon pink, yellow, and blue letters. The cover is resembles video game console.

​​Celebrating the evolution of video games over the past 50 years, writers Carmen Maria Machado and J. Robert Lennon put together Critical Hits. Their new book release is a collection of insightful essays exploring the profound impact of video games on our culture and personal lives. Writers like Charlie Jane Anders, Alexander Chee and Hanif Abdurraqib reflect on their experiences with games like The Last of Us, Disco Elysium and more, offering passionate explorations of the intersection between virtual worlds and our own.

Ink Girls by Marieke Nijkamp

In a bustling city lives eleven-year-old Cinzia, a crippled printer’s apprentice, and Elena, a sheltered girl from a noble family. When Cinzia’s mentor is imprisoned for speaking out against the ruling family, the two girls join forces to unravel secrets, follow clues, and challenge the status quo,

Ink Girls is a middle-grade graphic novel that celebrates the power everyone has to make change. Marieke Nijkamp’s new book addresses real-world challenges through a Renaissance-inspired lens. It features stunning art by Sylvia Bi and is perfect for fans of Lightfall and The Prince and the Dressmaker.

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Saevus Corax Captures the Castle by K. J. Parker

The cover of Saevus Corax Captures the Castle is white with black letters and a red outline of a castle tower.

In the high-stakes world of battlefield salvage, Saevus Corax knows he must go to extreme lengths to protect his crew. Sometimes, unconventional methods are needed, including capturing an entire castle. The traditional rules of siege warfare take a backseat as Saevus does whatever he can to keep his men alive.

Readers are reunited with Saevus Corax in the follow-up to his October 2023 debut. Saevus Corax Captures the Castle takes place in a well-written fantasy world full of deviously-minded characters. K.J. Parker’s writing has a dry sense of humor that perfectly suits this anti-hero.

There Should Have Been Eight by Nalini Singh

Reuniting as adults after their friend Bea’s death nine years ago, a group of friends meets at her family’s gothic estate. When a snowstorm leaves them stranded, there’s nowhere to hide from the past. Long-buried emotions, secrets and suspicions come out, and through it all lingers the question of whether Bea’s death was really an accident.

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There Should Have Been Eight is a slow-burn, locked-room thriller just right for an early winter release. This dark and twisty new book by Nalini Singh will keep you guessing until the end.

You can check out these new book releases at or your local bookstore. What November 21 new release are you most excited to read? Let us know below, and tune in next week to grow your TBR.

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