There are a lot of new books coming out every week. With New Release Radar, I’ll help you narrow down the week’s new book releases into the titles you should get excited about. This week I have six to recommend, including an epic fantasy sequel and a new gothic mystery. Read on!

The Bitter Crown by Justin Lee Anderson

When a secret war transforms into a widespread revolution, the conspiracy at Eidyn’s core is finally revealed. Armed with the truth, Aranok and his companions set out to free their country. Their alliance will face the ultimate test amid fractured loyalties and strained friendships.

In this fantasy adventure with a Scottish flair, Justin Lee Anderson provides a great follow-up to 2019’s The Lost War. His new book release The Bitter Crown has a rich blend of action and intrigue perfect for fans of David Gemmell.

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The Curse of Penryth Hall by Jess Armstrong

The cover of The Curse of Penryth Hall has a green branch with five red apples against a black background. Below it is the top of a mansion.

Ruby Vaughn is an American heiress running a rare bookstore in Exeter. After the Great War, she finds herself drawn back to the Cornish countryside she once knew. Tasked with delivering books to a folk healer, Ruby ends up entangled in a mystery surrounding the death of her one-time friend’s husband. To protect herself and her friend, Ruby must join forces with an enigmatic curse-breaker to unravel Penryth Hall’s secrets once and for all.

The Curse of Penryth Hall is an enigmatic new gothic novel that brings ancient Cornish legends to life. Jess Armstrong’s debut already won the Minotaur Books & Mystery Writers of America First Crime Novel Award, so keep an eye out for more from this new talent.

The Serpent and the Wings of Night by Carissa Broadbent

As the adopted human daughter of the vampire king, Oraya faces a world that sees her as prey. She must prove herself in the Kejari, a deadly tournament held by the goddess of death herself. To survive, Oraya forms a risky alliance with Raihn, a dangerous and mysterious rival. As war looms over the House of Night, Oraya’s growing attraction to Raihn may prove to be her downfall in a kingdom where love is the deadliest threat of all.

The first in a romantic and dark new series, The Serpent and the Wings of Night is just right for anyone who loves A Court of Thorns and Roses. Full of female rage and shocking twists, Carissa Broadbent has found her niche.

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Dazzling by Chịkọdịlị Emelụmadụ

The cover of Dazzling has an abstract leopard in spots in yellow, blue, red, pink, and purple.

Struggling after the death of her father, Treasure encounters a spirit promising to resurrect him in exchange for a terrible deed. As Treasure bargains for her father’s life, Ozoemena grapples with an unexpected destiny as a Leopard, a role traditionally reserved for men. It’s an honor she couldn’t want less as she tries desperately to fit in at her new boarding school. As both girls navigate the loss of their fathers and their newfound connections with the spirit world, they find themselves on a collision course toward each other.

Dazzling is a vibrant and immersive new book release full of magic and Nigerian mythology. Chịkọdịlị Emelụmadụ writes both girls with a strong narrative voice, and readers will root for both Treasure and Ozoemena in their pursuits of happiness and justice.

Yours for the Taking by Gabrielle Korn

With climate change ravaging the world, the Inside Project is humanity’s last hope. The enclosed, city-sized structures promise to withstand the chaos outside. The director of North America’s Inside is a reclusive billionaire and women’s rights activist, and those selected know they should feel lucky. But as cracks appear in the system, the women Inside realize a darker agenda may be at play.

Gabrielle Korn isn’t afraid to ask big questions in her debut novel Yours for the Taking. This new book release takes on white feminism’s version of utopia in a realistic and sometimes even frightening way.

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Make Me a Liar by Melissa Landers

The cover of Make Me a Liar has a girl with dark hair looking out over a blurry crowd of people.

Tia Dante possesses the unique ability to transfer her consciousness, making her the go-to for handling others’ tricky tasks at Harvey Davis High School. However, when someone uses her body for murder, she must enlist her ex’s help to figure out what happened. If Tia doesn’t clear her name, she may just become the next victim.

A murder mystery with a fantasy twist, Make Me a Liar is fast-paced and action-packed. Melissa Landers’ new YA novel will keep you guessing until the very end.

You can check out these new book releases at or your local bookstore. What December 5 new release are you most excited to read? Let us know below, and tune in next week to grow your TBR.

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