It’s showtime folks!

AMC did not give a specific premiere date for the return of Better Call Saul, rather the teaser promotes “Returns 2016” but that’s fine, we know it will be early 2016.  This 30 second teaser which mainly focuses on the back of Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) as he’s walking, shows Slippin’ Jimmy having a Gollum-esque flood of thoughts cycling through his head – things other people have said about him, what he’s said about himself. Recalling these past quotes of his struggle between the past, present and what he’s wants to be as he walks across a parking lot torment him and each quote brings him a closer step to becoming Saul.

That, in a nutshell, is the excitement of this show. Fans know McGill’s fate – he is eventually going to become the larger than life Saul Goodman that we met during Breaking Bad. Watching McGill try to be on the right side of life and knowing the darkness of what’s to come and wondering how this bittersweet  journey will play out will keep viewers excited until Better Call Saul ‘Returns 2016’.

AMC released this look back on season 1 on their Youtube channel the same day as ‘The Right Thing’ teaser.

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