The second trailer for Atomic Blonde has come out and my god, is it July yet? While it could be said that this is the female John Wick, I don’t care. The hype for the movie is through the roof. It doesn’t help that the director of this film, David Leitch, directed John Wick but I disgress.

The trailer starts with Charlize Theron‘s Broughton saying that she entered this line of work and it will get her killed one day. Then she takes out a room of assassins before adding “but not today”. We then get more information about her character. She’s Agent Lorraine Broughton, and she’s “the crown jewel” of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service – MI6. When she learns that her former lover and fellow agent was gunned down – she’s tasked to find out who’s hunting the operatives and to trust absolutely no one. We’re then told she’s an expert in intelligence collection and hand-to-hand combat. The combat being very obvious by the barrage of badass action scenes. It’s so filled to the brim with action, I don’t even know how they’ll surprise me come release date. We learn that someone set her up from the inside so everyone is a suspect – but it all ends with a bullet.

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While the trailer does replay scenes we’ve seen in the first trailer, we are given a better look at the character with her supporting characters. And with a remix of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” with Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead”, it’s nearly perfect. In fact, the lyrics in Black Skinhead really depict Broughton’s character. “Baby, we living in the moment. I’ve been a menace for the longest. But I ain’t finished, I’m devoted. And you know it, and you know it.” I’m so ready.

What do you think of the trailer below? Are you excited to see Theron kick more ass? Let us know and be sure to see Atomic Blonde in theaters July 28th! Stay tuned to Geek Girl Authority for more Atomic Blonde news.